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ON YOUR FEET~Stand Up Mold Pattern Books

Fused Glass Pattern Books

New “On Your Feet” Series Pattern Books for fused stand up animals, birds and fish by me, deb crowley!  I had the pleasure many years ago to teach next to Newy Fagan and she gifted me one of her stand up ponies.  It was the first time I had ever seen anything like that and I had been fusing quite a few years at that time.  Not long ago my daughter saw an adorable glass stand up kitty and asked if I could make her something like that. I was really going to make just one little kitty…..and 4 months later here I am with 3 pattern books!

These books are for the Creative Paradise “Stand Up” slumping molds. There are 6 patterns in each book with full size cutting and fusing patterns! 3 designs fit the medium mold, 3 designs fit the largest mold. All patterns are printed on heavy cardstock and 3 hole punched to place in a binder. The larger patterns are 11″ x17″ paper, folded and edge punched to fit in binder, the smaller 3 patterns are 8 1/2″ x 11″. This makes it easy to take copies and put pattern back in binder. Each color cover features pictures of completed designs included in that book. There are 3 pages of detailed fabrication tips and fusing instruction with all the firing schedules you will need to complete all the projects. These make fabulous gifts plus they’re fun to create, there are also large and small blank patterns to draw your own critters and ideas!

Although these patterns are much easier to complete with a ring saw, I have drawn the cutting patterns with many optional “break lines” that will not be noticeable when additional layers are added. This uses less glass and with a good glass grinder these are really fun to make!

Each book in the series comes in a manilla envelope, ready to place in your normal 3-ring binder. That way when you get ready to use it it lays flat in the studio and it is easy to add more books later on. The first book you order is $20, any additional books ordered at the same time are an additional $15 each. Shipping for one book Priority mail is $10.00, add $2 more for each additional book purchased at the same time up to 3, they are heavy. Please email me at with your request including your address and I will send you a Paypal invoice within 24-48 hours.

On Your Feet Series, Book 1 Paws

Includes Large Beagle, Cat, Chihuahua, Medium Turned Kitty, Standing Cat (appx 11″ tall), Sideways Kitten (appx 5″tall) and Dachshund.

Paws Stand up book.jpg

On Your Feet Series, Book 2 Rivers

Includes Alligator, Betta fish (appx 11″ tall), Manatee (appx 6″ tall), Turtle, Medium Duck and Angel Fish

Rivers stand up book.jpg

On Your Feet Series, Book 3 Oceans

Includes Large Seahorse in kelp (appx 11″ tall), Orca, Puffin, Dolphin (appx 5″ tall) Emperor Angelfish and Walrus.

Oceans Stand Up Book.jpg
stand up duck 1.png

Above left photo is copy of pattern for duck showing layers and right is a photo of the actual cutting pattern with color suggestions, layering and fusing construction. Also shows exact placement on each size mold and numbered by each firing layer.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions about these books

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