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Classes Offered Privately in South Beach, Oregon


Soft Glass Beadmaking. You learn torch safety,  basic bead techniques and shapes, heat base and control.  Learn stringer pulling, dots, detailing and raking with Italian glass. Safety, set up, types of glass & annealing are also covered. 6 hour class 9-4pm (Bring a lunch) Private instruction $250


Soft Glass Beadmaking. Learn more advanced techniques such as multi-layering, casing foils, cane work , advanced shaping and delicate fish fins. Italian Moretti glass. 7 hours 9-5pm (Bring a lunch) Private instruction $300


Borosilicate Glass Sculpture. Learn a basic bead with "boro" glass, then let's “punty up” and get sculpting. Learn the basic sculpture techniques and create several animals! Safety, set up of oxy/propane system, annealing & striking colors. 7 hours 9- 5pm (Bring lunch) Private instruction $300


Other advanced torch classes upon request. All classes include materials and time includes a one hour lunch break.  2 or more classes booked together deduct $50 per class after first class. 50% unrefundable deposit required to hold your private dates and cash balance due upon start of class.  Deposit can be credited to new dates with 2 weeks notice as long as new dates are available.



Three day class, 9-4pm each day. Learn the process of fusing glass, testing for compatibility, reasons for stress and breakage, safety, fusing with “free” glass. First morning we make dichroic cabochons.  Then we start a sushi plate with designs. The second day your piece is fused, and we go over annealing, charting and graphing firing schedule, other variables and considerations. Day three you are slumping your piece, learning mold materials, release agents, devitrification, testing for correct anneal with filters and problem solving. This is a VERY intensive one on one private only class, and you pick up your finished art glass piece the day after last class(or it can be mailed) to enjoy for years to come. You will be getting comfortable fusing and making your own custom molds for glass! 3 days, 7 hour class days $800


A 2 day class to take things a little further. We will do a drop out ring vase, day 1 we cut and grind the piece and load the kiln to fire that night. Day 2 we grind and sag the piece, and go over other techniques such as lusters (like gold and opal), enamels, frits and how to make them, using stringers and dichroic glass. We discuss advanced mold-making and draping, sagging, a VERY exciting and intensive class! You take home your art glass piece the day after last class (or it can be mailed to you) 2 days, 7 hours 9-4pm, $500


A 2 day class where we flamework components (no torch experience required!) and use bits of blown glass and other precious metals, lusters, mica, dichroic and other items to create a truly gorgeous, realistic one of a kind art glass piece. Tell me what you want to create, where YOU want your art to go! You take home your fused piece that can be slumped or further enhanced later. Find dimensions and realism you never imagined in fused glass with this class! 2 days, 7 hours 9-4pm, $500


One day class 9-5, Scheduled at your convenience

Learn the process of cutting, grinding to fit, foiling and soldering a copper foil suncatcher of your choice. We complete the piece in one day.  Please bring a snack or lunch, we take a 30 min break halfway through.  This is a private class but can be booked for up to 4 people with a discount for each additional person.  What a fun gift for that special someone who always wanted to try it! They could then continue with the 5 day class below or custom continuing classes one day at a time!  This class is $300, each additional person is $200.


Five Day Class 9-5 daily M-F Private. Learn the process of cutting, grinding to fit, foiling and soldering a copper foil panel the first 3 days. We have several designs to pick from to really get your imagination going!  Then we do a leaded panel with bevels in the old world style and when to use which techniques for each application.  Touching on pattern design, cutting physics, soldering tips, start to finish steps of each type of stained glass construction. Learn from a master stained glass artist with over 35 years experience how to design and execute 2 beautiful heirloom panels.  5 days, 9-5 $1,200 (includes supplies) Please bring a snack or lunch, we take a 30 min break halfway through.  This is a private class but can be booked for up to 4 people with a $200 discount for each additional person. 

Below are the 2 projects one of the last private students made in her 5 day class, thank you Marcia M for use of your beautiful project photos!

"I am very fortunate to live close to one of the most talented glass blowers and stained glass teachers producing glass products today.
I was also very fortunate to be able to take a stained glass class from this artist. Her name is Debbie Crowley and as far as I’m concerned she is not only extremely talented she is a most effective teacher. I’ve been a classroom teacher for over 43 years and I know what makes a successful teacher. It’s to produce a successful student by encouraging, showing, exp
laining with a hands on approach so students are able to learn not only through their successes but their mistakes too. I always felt comfortable in class and never intimidated or wanting to give up because of the positive and encouraging attitude of Debbie. She is also very organized with good follow through until all projects are completed."  Marcia M, 2022

All above classes are one-on-one private classes where we work at your pace.  They all include materials necessary to complete projects. Discounts for groups of 2 or more, please inquire about prices and group totals to get a quote. 

Please wear cotton clothes, closed toe shoes, bring a sack lunch, drink and snacks if you need them. Bring your imagination too!

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