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About Glass Stock

Deb Crowley is the founder and director of Glass Stock. Deb has been a professional artist for over 40 years, and 35 years of that in glass. She has extensive glass experience that includes blown, flameworked, fused, etched and sandblasted glass techniques. She also creates all types of cold worked glass including stained and faceted. She has gained a wealth of glass knowledge over the years, you will see many of these techniques throughout her artwork. After teaching nationwide for over 35 years, Deb’s passion for passing on the glass arts became what is known as Glass Stock. Many life changing moments have happened there and a nurturing, creative space for your muse!

This event was created to bring together renown glass artists, teachers, and students to master a variety of glass techniques. Glass Stock is now entering it’s 20th year, allowing artists to teach, share, learn new glass techniques, and get invaluable feedback and inspiration. The festival is held on the West Coast the week before Labor Day every year, so stay tuned here to learn more and sign up today. Our mission statement “Share like there’s no tomorrow,” inspiration is priceless.

Glass Stock 2024 Class Schedule- Scroll to bottom of page

Borosilicate Glass Torch Classes~

EW-01-  Elizabeth Welch- Diving Orca Pendants 

Skill Level- Beg

Learn to create Diving Orca pendants, a great beginning exercise in sculpture!



Tools Needed:  Tweezers and mini-mashers or flat tweezers 

EW-02- Elizabeth Welch- Pouncing Fox Pendants

Skill level- INT +


Take your sculpting skills a little further with this fun fox class!  Let's give him some attitude too! 

Tools Needed:  Tweezers, Mini-mashers, paddle or butter knife, scalpel, brass punch tool


EW-03- Elizabeth Welch- Octopus Pendants

Skill Level- Intermediate

Learn to sculpt some popular octopus pendants!  

Tools Needed:  Tweezers, Mini-mashers, paddle or butter knife, scalpel, brass punch tool

EE-01  Eric Edner- Flower Pendants

Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate

Students will learn how to prep, color and put together a flower hot on the torch. Starting with the making of the pedals applying colors and fades and finally assembly!

Tools Needed: Pair of tweezers, mashers, carbon flaring tool, scissors and a go for it attitude!

EE-02  Eric Edner- Small Vessel

Skill level: Intermediate

Students will learn how to approach tubing via prepping the tube. We will discuss shape and approach to shaping. Then finally color applications for desired effects. Ideally students have some experience with tubing but not necessary


Tools Needed: Pair of tweezers, mashers, carbon flaring tool, scissors and a go for it attitude!

EJ-01  Emily Johnsen- Little Monster Sculptures

Skill Level: INT


In this class you will learn how to sculpt one-of-a-kind miniature monster sculptures in borosilicate glass. I will demonstrate a variety of techniques for eyes, horns, teeth, and surface textures that will leave you ready to create some cute and creepy new friends!

Tools: Non-serrated knife, tweezers, pick, reamer, bowl push, scissors, graphite paddle. Any brass stamps or texturing tools are also welcome.

DM-01 Drake Masuda-  Aquatic Flora/Fauna Blood Red Jewell Cichlid

Skill Level: INT


Students will create 3D fish and plant sculptures in borosilicate glass. Sculpting tools and techniques will be covered as well as the use of photos/source materials to study anatomy and posture. We'll explore color layering to achieve desired shade and depth of color.

Tools: small knife, paddle, small tweezers/needlenose pliers, leaf mashers, any other sculpting/marking tools you like

DM-02 Drake Masuda- Cups and Feet 

Skill Level: INT-Adv


In this class students will learn to make borosilicate cups and flare feet to make a goblet with their own stem at open torch.

Tools:  Paddle, claw (grabbers) graphite rod/reamer to flare, tweezers


DM-03 Drake Masuda-  Glass Chains

Skill Level: Beg

Students will create linked chains in borosilicate glass. Sculpting tools and techniques will be covered with an emphasis on proportion and uniformity.

Tools:  forceps (2 pair preferably), small reamer, paddle and/or mashers, ruler or tape measure, Sharpie

JB-01  Joshua Beach- Nebula marbles

Skill Level- Beg







Join me in creating a colorful space themed marble design. We'll compress several colors, at varying depths, while slightly mixing them in the process. Our marbles will change colors throughout the nebula's depth and show unseen hues at new angles. We'll also recreate the same effect with UV colors.

Tools: Ridge less marble mold, Mike Close or similar, small handled marble mold or marble grippers, paddle

JB-02  Joshua Beach-Sea Turtle in Flowing Grasses
Skill Level- INT




Lets create an underwater scene in glass. We'll taper down flat colored rods to create multiple sizes of flowing sea grasses. The centerpiece for our creation will be a cute sea turtle decorated in fantastic striking colors. We may even have time to add some simple brain corals to compliment the base of our sculptures.
Tools: Graphite pad, Paddle, mini-mashers, large mashers, tweezers, long tweezers/hemostats/hot grabbers to get your work to the kiln

dc-01  deb crowley- Nudibranchs and Fire Coral

Skill Level- INT

Tools: Graphite pad, Paddle, tweezers, small shears, small reamer, mini-mashers

Soft Glass Torch Classes~

ML-01  Marcy Lamberson-Make Your Dog! 

Skill Level- INT

This is a fun one!  I'll demo how to make a dog body, fur and the how-tos and then you have the option to make what I demo or bring in your  own pet photos and we'll make a plan of action for you to try your own pet.  If you need very specific colors, you might bring a rod or two just in case the glass assortment doesn't have the exact one. 

Tools:  didys, marver, pokey tool, mashers (med or small will be fine), tweezers and whatever you use for pulling small canes  a razor or sharpish blade.  If you have concave/convex pliers - that tool I use for ears and petals, bring it and if you have a slotted paddle like I use or equivalent, bring that too.

ML-02  Marcy Lamberson- Make a Gnome and Viking

Skill Level- INT

Same colors, two options and if you're really fast, make both!  I'll demo how to make a gnome and viking out of the same colors and very similar steps.  It's all in the small details that change them from sweet old guy to slightly scalawag.

Tools:  didys, marver, pokey tool, mashers (med or small will be fine), tweezers and whatever you use for pulling small canes  a razor or sharpish blade.  If you have concave/convex pliers - that tool I use for ears and petals, bring it and if you have a slotted paddle like I use or equivalent, bring that too.

ML-03  Marcy Lamberson- Make an Otter with baby

Skill Level- INT

Who hasn't seen photos of mama otters with their babies?  We'll make a cute sculptural bead starring both of them.

Tools: didys, marver, pokey tool, mashers (med or small will be fine), tweezers and whatever you use for pulling small canes  and a razor or sharpish blade. 

FW-01 Felicia Wartnik- Soft Glass Enamel Beads

Skill Level- BEG/INT

We’ll make beads with COE 104 glass and Thompson Enamels.  This class will focus on how to use powder enamels safely, how to obtain different effects with enamels and creation of surface designs with texture tools and without burning the enamels. We will cover application of enamel powder both by rolling or patting the beads into the enamel and with the use of a sifter.

Tools: Bring your favorite beadmaking and shaping tools including your favorite focal-sized press or masher tool, a razor blade or straight edge tool for straightening stringer lines, marver, tweezers or pliers, lampworking glasses

DP-01  Donna Prunkard- Soft Glass Hollow beads

Skill Level- INT

Learn to blow hollow beads off the end of a blow pipe.  We will explore several ways to decorate the hollows, including frit, dots, and scrollwork.

Tools needed:  Basic flame working tools.  Mashers or hand-held lentil press.  1/4 inch blowpipes will be provided for use in class.  If you have tongs with sleeves, bring them.

DP-02  Donna Prunkard- Soft Glass Headpins

Skill Level- BEG/INT

Make soft glass headpins on copper wire.  We’ll start with a teardrop shape and decorate with scrolls, dots and twisted cane, then play with different shapes, maybe leaves, flowers, cubes.

Tools needed:  Basic flame working tools.  Bring a pin vise that will hold a 20g wire is you have one.  Instructor will have a few to loan.  Small mashers might be useful.


Flameworking Demo Only Classes


EE-03/04  Eric Edner- Floral Spray and Vase DEMO- 2 parts

I’ll be creating on of my signature orchid spray with vase in a full day demo

DM-04  Drake Masuda-Goblet Stems & Assembly






I will demo making a goblet stem and then assembling cup and foot made in that class.

JB-03  Joshua Beach- Glass Flower DEMO on functional ware

Learn to construct an elegant flower with layers of curved petals. I'll use these flowers as decorative elements of sculpture and smokeware

EJ-01  Emily Johnsen-  Celestial Sun Pendants DEMO


Learn how to sculpt celestial face pendants in borosilicate class! This pendant can be made as either a sun or a combination sun and crescent moon.




"Other" classes- Fusing, Metals, Enameling, etc


FW-02 Felicia Wartnik- Riveted Rings

  I’ll bring the silver.  You bring the bead!  You’ll make a sterling silver ring shank (hammered or smooth), solder on a piece of wire or tubing, punch and dome a disk and then rivet the wire or tubing to attach your soft glass or borosilicate bead.  

Students should bring the following:

Beads – large spacer or slightly larger (1/2” - 3/4” diameter).   I recommend bringing a few to choose from.  Beads must be made on 3/32” or 1/8” mandrels (1/8 preferred if you want to use tubing) and must be properly annealed, because we’ll be putting some stress on them.  I will have a few beads available for purchase, if you want to make a ring but aren’t a bead maker.


It is also recommended, but not required, that students bring any of the following they have.  I’ll also bring tools that you may share, but there will be less waiting time if we have more tools:

Ring Mandrel

Rawhide or Plastic Mallet

Ring Clamp

Riveting Hammer

Half round file or set of mini files

Chain Nose (2 if you have them)

Approximate Cost Per Person:  $20 (additional $8-10 if you want to purchase a bead)

KP-01- Kathy Palenko Copper Earrings with embossed designs


Copper earrings with a rolling mill. Make 2 pairs  for 10.00 kit fee

KP-02- Kathy Palenko Copper Bangle Bracelets

Learn to make bangles bracelets.  3 for 10.00 kit fee.

KB-01-  Kris Ball  Kumihimo

Come learn to make Kumihimo bracelets or necklaces! No experience necessary. There are many patterns and colors to choose from and all the materials will be provided. We will weave the items and learn ways to finish them off nicely. Cost is $15 and you'll get a Kumihimo wheel and bobbins to make more at home. 

CJ-01  CJ Quitoriano  Second Time's a (Wind) Chime

Learn to make wind chimes out of scrap boro rods and tubes.


Tools needed: Jewelry tools: wire cutters, pliers, bead crimpers-bring extra beads (seed beads, faux pearls, shells, etc.) for decorating the chimes or make them during free torch time.


Material Fee: $5

BF-01-  Brenda Flowers  Viking Knit Wire Weaving

Viking knit, also known as trichinopoly or Viking chain knitting, is an ancient wire weaving technique to makes beautiful chains you can use in your jewelry projects. In this class, you'll learn how to create these flexible chains using wire and a wood dowel and drawplate. We will explore variations such as double weaves and bead filled chains using seed beads. 


Class kit : $15 includes 26 g copper wire, dowel, seed beads and a commercial wooden drawplate.

BM-01-  Barbara McNeeley  Etching Plate Glass with Stencils

In this class we will be applying stencils to pre-cut 4" plate glass squares, then adding an etching cream to etch in a design.  PLEASE wear work typre clothes or bring an apron.

Butterfly is an example, we will have other stencils for use, kits donated by B&B Etch All. NO kit fee.




 Dc-01-02  deb crowley & Didi Dahlsrud Copper Foil Stained Glass

(This is a full day class on SATURDAY for attendees and Sunday only for staff)



In this class you will complete a copper foil project. Learn to cut, grind, foil, solder and edge a circular 8" suncatcher in a 2 part (full day) class.  All supplies and use of tools included in "kit fee". Please wear clothes you can work in as we will be using flux and patina which can damage fabric.  OR bring an apron or spare T-shirt you can remove when done with class. 


Kit Fee- $20 Payable at class (Tools provided for your use)


2024 Class Schedule 



Thursday Aug 29th, 9-1pm

 Class/Instructor                                                                    Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   FULL

Goblet Cups & Feet with Drake Masuda                               CLASS #DM-02             1           Bravo                

Diving Orca Pendants with Elizabeth Welch                         CLASS #EW-01             2           Alpha 

Make Your Dog with Marcy Lamberson  (Soft glass)           CLASS #ML-01              3           Alpha      

Celestial Sun Pendant w/ Emily Johnsen   DEMO ONLY    CLASS #EJ-02              DEMO Area

Rolled Copper Earrings with Kathy Palenko                         CLASS #KP-01               4          Area 1  

Kumihimo Cords with Kris Ball                                           CLASS #KB-01               5          Area 2          




Thursday Aug 29th, 2-6pm

 Class/Instructor                                                                     Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   FULL

Small Vessels with Eric Edner                                              CLASS #EE-02              1           Bravo                

Nudibranchs & Fire Coral with deb crowley                        CLASS #dc-01               2           Alpha 

Soft Glass Hollows with Donna Prunkard                            CLASS #DP-01              3           Alpha   

Goblet Stem&Assembly w/ Drake Masuda DEMO ONLY  CLASS #DM-04              DEMO Area

Copper Bangle Bracelets with Kathy Palenko                      CLASS #KP-02              4          Area 1  





Friday, Aug 30th, 9-1pm

 Class/Instructor                                                                    Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   FULL

Sea Turtles and Grass with Joshua Beach                             CLASS #JB-02                 1           Bravo                

Pouncing Fox Pendant with Elizabeth Welch                       CLASS #EW-02                2           Alpha 

Boro Chains with Drake Masuda                                          CLASS #DM-03               3           Alpha     

Riveted Rings with Felicia Wartnik                                      CLASS #FW-02                4           Area 1 

Viking Knit with Brenda Flowers                                        CLASS #BF-01                 5          Area 2          




Friday, Aug 30th, 2-6pm                                             

  Class/Instructor                                                                   Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   FULL

Red Jewel Cichlid & Plant with Drake Masuda                     CLASS #DM-01             1           Bravo                

Orchid Flower Pendants with Eric Edner                               CLASS #EE-01               2           Alpha 

Soft Glass Otter & Baby with Marcy Lamberson                  CLASS #ML-03               3           Alpha     

Flower Functional with Joshua Beach   DEMO ONLY         CLASS #JB-03              DEMO Area

Glass & Media Wind Chimes with CJ Quitoriano                 CLASS #CJ-01                4          Area 1          



Saturday, Aug 31st, 9-1pm

  Class/Instructor                                                                    Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   FULL

Little Monsters with Emily Johnsen                                       CLASS #EJ-01              1           Bravo              

Octopus Pendants with Elizabeth Welch                                CLASS #EW-03             2           Alpha 

Soft Glass Headpins with Donna Prunkard                            CLASS #DP-02              3           Alpha     

Floral Spray with Eric Edner  (Part 1)     DEMO ONLY       CLASS #EE-03              DEMO Area

Stained Glass Sun Catchers with Didi & deb Part 1              CLASS #Dc-01                  Area 1

Etching Plate Glass with Barbara McNeeley                         CLASS #BM-01                  Area 2 


Saturday, Aug 31st, 2-6pm                                             

 Class/Instructor                                                                    Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   FULL

Nebula Marbles with Joshua Beach                                          CLASS #JB-01            1           Bravo                

Soft Glass Enamel Beads with Felicia Wartnik                         CLASS #FW-01          2           Alpha 

Soft Glass Gnome & Viking with Marcy Lamberson               CLASS #ML-02          3           Alpha     

Floral Spray with Eric Edner  (Part 2)     DEMO ONLY          CLASS #EE-04              DEMO Area

Stained Glass Sun Catchers with Didi & deb Part 2                 CLASS #Dc-01                  Area 1



Evening Activities & Demonstrations

Thursday Night

Silent Auction-Open torch


Friday Night

Hat Contest- Open torch


Saturday Night

Open Torch until midnight!



9-5 STAFF ONLY~ All day Stained Glass Suncatcher class with Didi and deb

9 am Demo Items Draw

10-12 pm Elimination Rounds Contest



Pick up last items from 10am to noon

Email us through our Contact page.

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