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About Glass Stock

Deb Crowley is the founder and director of Glass Stock. Deb has been a professional artist for over 40 years, and 35 years of that in glass. She has extensive glass experience that includes blown, flameworked, fused, etched and sandblasted glass techniques. She also creates all types of cold worked glass including stained and faceted. She has gained a wealth of glass knowledge over the years, you will see many of these techniques throughout her artwork. After teaching nationwide for over 35 years, Deb’s passion for passing on the glass arts became what is known as Glass Stock. Many life changing moments have happened there and a nurturing, creative space for your muse!

This event was created to bring together renown glass artists, teachers, and students to master a variety of glass techniques. Glass Stock is now entering it’s 20th year, allowing artists to teach, share, learn new glass techniques, and get invaluable feedback and inspiration. The festival is held on the West Coast the week before Labor Day every year, so stay tuned here to learn more and sign up today. Our mission statement “Share like there’s no tomorrow,” inspiration is priceless.

Glass Stock 2022 Classes- (Schedule at bottom, scroll)

Soft Glass Torch Classes~

JW-01  Jody Welch- Beginner murrini with bargain optic molds for 104 coe

Skill Level: BEG-INT

Learn how to make simple murrini by using bargain basement optic molds, and freestyle simple designs. This class will teach you how to deconstruct hobby store paper punches and turn them into image molds for murrini. For the more adventurous students you can also make some simple cane of your own design.

Tools Required – Brass stumpshaper, graphite marver, hemostats or heavy tweezers, exacto knife with flat blade or other style knife, cane nippers if you have them. 2 heavy gauge junk mandrels.


JW-02-03   Jody Welch-  Intensive multi component murrini class for 104 coe

Skill Level: INT-ADV

This is an advanced level full day class to learn how to make more complex murrini. You will learn how to design and build cane like signature and flowers that require multiple pieces to execute. I will teach you how to successfully garage components in the kiln, then reintroduce them into the flame and attach them to other parts. Students should have previous experience with puling cane or murrini.

Tools Required – Brass stumpshaper, graphite marver, hemostats or heavy tweezers, exacto knife with flat blade or other style knife, murrini or marble hemostats and cane nippers if you have them.

NG-01  Nancy Gant- Dragon Soft Glass beads

Skill Level: BEG-INT

Sculpture dragon beads, encase, body shapes and wings.

Tools Required:  Razor, Small and large tweezers, point tool, knife, masher, mini-mashers

NG-02   Nancy Gant- Stone Flower bead

Skill Level: BEG

Soft Tab Bead with floral surface decoration


Tools Required:  Razor, Small and large tweezers, point tool, knife, masher, mini-mashers


CW-01  Chris Warrington- Making Shards, using Stringers and Silver glass

Skill Level: BEG 

Make custom blend/color shards then using them, stringers and silver glass for soft glass bead surfaces

Tools Required: Graphite paddle, small hemostats or tweezers


CW-02  Chris Warrington- Surface techniques on Hollows

Skill Level: INT

Use shards, murrini and stringers, how to shape your hallows to some thing other than just round. How to put handles on vessels and 


Tools Required: Graphite paddle, Osibin/ bead press or masher, tungsten pick, tweezers. Blow pipes provided for use.

DC-01  Deb Crowley- Soft Glass Hummingbird window charms

Skill Level:  BEG-INT

Learn to make hummingbird soft glass beads and use wire to make window charms


Tools Required: Graphite paddle, small hemostats or needlenose, mini-mashers

Borosilicate Classes

EJ-01  Emily Johnsen- Grinning Ghoulies

Skill Level: INT


In this class you will learn how to sculpt your own miniature monsters and grinning ghoulies! I will demonstrate the skills to make one-of-a-kind borosilicate monster pendants including eyes, horns, surface decorations, and winning grins. Get ready to create a tribe of unique creatures of your very own!


Tools: Non-serrated knife, tweezers, pick, reamer, bowl push, scissors, graphite paddle. Any brass stamps or texturing tools are also welcome.

DM-01 Drake Masuda-  Squids!

Skill Level: INT


In this class students will create 3D squid sculptures in borosilicate glass. Sculpting tools and techniques will be covered as well as the use of photos/source materials to study anatomy and posture.

Tools: Small, curve bladed knife and a leatherworking hole punch. A few sets will be available to play with and/or buy

DM-02 Drake Masuda-  Snowflakes

Skill Level: BEG


In this class students will learn to make borosilicate snowflake ornaments with an eye toward symmetry. Several styles will be demonstrated, from beginner to more advanced.


Tools:  None (I LOVE this Drake, no tools, just hands, heat and gravity!)

JB-01 Joshua Beach-  Octopus Wine Bottle Stoppers

Skill Level: INT


Let's fire up our torches and get creative sculpting these cute bottle stoppers. We'll compress a pattern into our clear stopper tops before using them as a foundation for whimsical little octopi to rest. I'm sure we can dream up all sorts of cool attachments for these as the event progresses.


Tools: Graphite paddle/marver, marble mold, grabbers

JB-02 Joshua Beach-  Fast and Fun Hider Marbles

Skill Level: BEG-INT

Join me on the torch to create quick marbles for the growing hider community. Our primary focus will be on maximizing the function of the Mike Close, or similar edgeless, marble mold to increase speed of shaping and correct unevenness. These techniques, and a few others we'll explore, will allow us to use bright striking colors that would normally cloud when deeply encased. I'll demonstrate cane building for spiral or wigwag backings. You'll have the choice of making your own or getting right to the marbles with provided cane. By the end of class we'll all be quickly making beautiful marbles for a growing market.

Tools: Small marble molds with handle to clean punty marks, gloves/grabbers.  Rimless marble mold if you have one

JB-03 Joshua Beach-  Wine Glass Earrings

Skill Level: BEG-INT

These tiny wineglasses can be used as decorations, ornaments, or jewelry. Quickly turn small scraps of glass into fun gifts for the wine lovers of the world. After the glasses are in the kiln I'll show you how to tint and mix epoxy resin for filling them.

Tools:  Paddle, reamer, tweezers

MS-01 Michael Simms-  Fumecello marble (starting on hollow)

Skill Level: INT

Learn the fumecello method on tubing and make into a marble or pendant. 

Tools: table marver, flat paddle, large reamer and claw grabbers. Marble mold for the marble but not needed to make the fumecello.

MS-02 Michael Simms-  Small Scalloped Vessel

Skill Level: INT-ADV

Learn the tricks to using scalloped tubing to make a small cup. 

Tools:  Paddle, reamer, grabbers/claw  

SF-01 Suellen Fowler-  Blown Ornaments!

Skill Level: INT

Learn to blow beautiful ornaments out of borosilicate tubing with Suellen, she makes it easy!


 Tools:  Graphite paddle, reamer, tweezers or grabbers

SF-02 Suellen Fowler-  Let's get foxy!

Skill Level: BEG-INT

Learn to sculpt a fox out of borosilicate glass with Suellen, she makes sculpting fun!

Tools:  Graphite paddle, knife, tweezers


Flameworking Demo Classes

JB-04 Joshua Beach- DEMO-Memorial Ashes in glass

Explore the necessary steps to create lasting and unique memorials in glass. I'll demonstrate ash preparation, incorporation, and application in the making of pendants and paperweights. We'll also discuss how these techniques can be applied to sculpture.






DM-03 Drake Masuda- DEMO- 3D Stars!

Drake will make 3D framework stars from borosilicate glass and will show tips and tricks to achieve correct geometries and symmetry.


DM-04 Drake Masuda- DEMO-  "No Blow" flared tumblers on 50mm borosilicate tube

Drake will make a beautiful cup with just flaring and gravity in this cup demo.


MS-03 Michael Simms- DEMO- Dichroic Tubing Preparation

Michael will demo blowing out colored rod, dichro wrap, and lots of heat.  I’ll do a flat cane if time permits. 

DC-02 Deb Crowley-DEMO-  Fish Sculpture for the Suellen Perfume collab!

Deb with sculpt a small coral with fish sculpture to rest on top of Suellen's perfume bottle demo in next class period.  It will be kept hot in kiln to anneal and be assembled. 





SF-03 Suellen Fowler-DEMO-  Perfume collab with Deb's Fish sculpture!

Suellen will blow a small perfume bottle demo with stopper and after dinner break will attach the fish sculpture deb made onto the perfume stopper. 

"Other" classes

KB-01-  Kris Ball- Chainmaille and Lampwork beads

Skill Level:  BEG

Learn how to do chainmaille and how to incorporate your own lampwork beads! We'll start with basic weaves, Byzantine, and others. You'll be able to make at least one bracelet and earrings, and start another.


Tools AND kit fee is $10:   lampwork beads to incorporate, and jewelry pliers, if you have them. All the chainmaille, findings, wire, and instructions will be provided.

DD-01-  Didi Dahlsrud-  "Frit Lloyd Wright" Pendants

Skill Level:  BEG

Learn how to do stained glass-like fused glass with black stringers and colored frit which we will fuse into colorful pendants.  We will also provide 2 bails and cords to be able to wear them right away!





Tools/supplies:  Will all be provided for your use. 

JT-01-  Julia Tachihara  Turning wood marbles stands on a lathe

Skill Level:  BEG

Julia will be demonstrating how to turn wooden bead and marble stands on her lathe. She will provide all the woodworking tools and wood, also using some firewood scraps. There will be time if anyone wants to make their own.



We will be providing masks (or bring cloth one) to protect you from flying sawdust if you want to try turning a stand.

BM-01-  Barbara McNeeley  Frit Casting Snowflake ornaments

Skill Level:  BEG

Just in time to make some for gifts this fall, join Babs in this lecture/hands on about casting frit glass into molds and firing the in a kiln.  There are lots of molds on the market and with a few tips, they are very easy and make great gifts!

Tools:  All supplies will be provided in class for each to make a snowflake. 

PP-01- Patty Pulliam   Etching Copper and Cold Connections

Skill Level:  BEG

Learn how to chemically etch a texture into a sheet of copper. An existing pattern such as a rubber stamp or your own custom-drawn pattern can be used. After the custom copper sheet is finished, several cold connection techniques will be demonstrated to facilitate turning your metal sheet into finished jewelry. 



Supplies and Kit Fee: Copper sheet, permanent ink, etching solution, and wire included in kit- $15 each kit. Students may bring rubber stamps of overall patterns, disk beads, jewelry pliers. You may just observe and not pre-buy the kit!

PP-02- Patty Pulliam  Big Hole Bead Lining and Capping

Skill Level:  BEG

Use that etched copper sheet or other metal sheet to create custom caps for your big hole beads. We will punch out disks and learn how to create a tube rivet, lining your bead in copper and permanently attaching your unique caps.

Necessary tools & equipment provided for use during class.


Supplies and kit fee: $15 each for Metals sheet and tubing.

Students to bring:  Beads with 1/4” holes (NOTE: HOLES should be 1/4”, not made on 1/4" mandrels. It’s better that the holes are too small than too large. They can always be reamed larger, you CAN make them during open torch the night before, we will have some mandrels prepared ahead of time. Use 1/8” mandrels heavily coated with bead release or 7/16” mandrels if you have them.) Etched copper sheet (optional) You may just observe and not pre-buy the kit!

Schedule of 2022 classes below:

Clases that are full are in orange below:


Thursday Sept 1st, 9-1pm

 Class/Instructor                                                                    Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type  

Blown Boro Ornaments with Suellen Fowler                       CLASS #SF-01             1           Bravo                

Boro Snowflakes with Drake Masuda                                         CLASS #DM-02             2           Alpha 

Soft Glass Hummingbirds with deb crowley                            CLASS #dc-01               3           Alpha      

Boro Memorial Ashes with Joshua Beach  DEMO ONLY CLASS #JB-04               DEMO Area

Frit Lloyd Wright Pendants w/ Didi Dahlsrud                         CLASS #DD-01             4          Area 1           


Thursday Sept 1st, 2-6pm

 Class/Instructor                                                                     Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   

Boro Fumecello Marble with Mike Simms                           CLASS #MS-01             1           Bravo                

Soft Glass Shards, Silvers, ETC with Chris Warrington       CLASS #CW-01             2           Alpha 

Soft Glass Stone Flower Beads with Nancy Gant                    CLASS #NG-02             3           Alpha      

3D Stars with Drake Masuda                     DEMO ONLY        CLASS #DM-03               DEMO Area

Chainmaille with Kris Ball                                                              CLASS #KB-01              4          Area 1           


Friday, Sept 2nd, 9-1pm

 Class/Instructor                                                                    Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type  

Boro Scalloped Vessel with Mike Simms                              CLASS #MS-02            1           Bravo                

Boro Wine Glass Earrings with Joshua Beach                        CLASS #JB-03             2           Alpha 

Soft Glass Surface Detail on Hollows w/ Chris Warrington CLASS #CW-02          3           Alpha      

Boro Fish perfume collab w/ deb crowley   DEMO ONLY  CLASS #dc-02               DEMO Area

Lathed Wood marble stands with Julia Tachihara                 CLASS #JT-01              4          Area 1           



Friday, Sept 2nd, 2-6pm                                             

  Class/Instructor                                                                   Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type  

Boro Octopus Wine Stopper with Joshua Beach                  CLASS #JB-01             1           Bravo                

Soft Glass Dragons with Nancy Gant                                           CLASS #NG-01             2           Alpha 

Soft Glass Beg Murrine/easy molds with Jody Welch           CLASS #JW-01             3           Alpha      

Fish perfume collab with Suellen Fowler  DEMO ONLY    CLASS #SF-03               DEMO Area

Etched Patterned Copper with Patty Pulliam                           CLASS #PP-01             4          Area 1           




Saturday, Sept 3rd, 9-1pm

  Class/Instructor                                                                    Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type  

Boro Fox Sculpture with Suellen Fowler                              CLASS #SF-02             1           Bravo                

Squids!!! with Drake Masuda                                                          CLASS #DM-01             2           Alpha      

Fumecello Pendants with Mike Simms                                       CLASS #MS-03                  2          Alpha

Cast Mold Ornaments with Barbara McNeeley                         CLASS #BM-01              4          Area 1           



Saturday, Sept 3rd, 2-6pm                                             

 Class/Instructor                                                                    Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type  

Boro Ghoulies with Emily Johnsen                                     CLASS #EJ-01             1           Bravo                

Boro Easy Hider Marbles with Joshua Beach                          CLASS #JB-02             2           Alpha   

Boro Flared Tumbler with Drake Masuda    DEMO ONLY   CLASS #DM-04               DEMO Area

Copper Bead Caps/Big Hole Beads with Patty Pulliam          CLASS #PP-02              4          Area 1           



Evening Activities & Demonstrations

Thursday Night

Silent Auction-Open torch

Friday Night

Hat Contest- Open torch

Saturday Night

Open Torch until midnight!


9 am Demo Items Draw

10-12 pm Elimination Rounds Contest

For questions contact Deb Crowley directly through our Contact page.

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