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About Glass Stock

Deb Crowley is the founder and director of Glass Stock. Deb has been a professional artist for over 40 years, and 35 years of that in glass. She has extensive glass experience that includes blown, flameworked, fused, etched and sandblasted glass techniques. She also creates all types of cold worked glass including stained and faceted. She has gained a wealth of glass knowledge over the years, you will see many of these techniques throughout her artwork. After teaching nationwide for over 35 years, Deb’s passion for passing on the glass arts became what is known as Glass Stock. Many life changing moments have happened there and a nurturing, creative space for your muse!

This event was created to bring together renown glass artists, teachers, and students to master a variety of glass techniques. Glass Stock is now entering it’s 20th year, allowing artists to teach, share, learn new glass techniques, and get invaluable feedback and inspiration. The festival is held on the West Coast the week before Labor Day every year, so stay tuned here to learn more and sign up today. Our mission statement “Share like there’s no tomorrow,” inspiration is priceless.

Glass Stock 2023 Classes- (Schedule at bottom- scroll down)

Soft Glass Torch Classes~

CC-01 Soft Glass Flower Pendants with Christina Callahan

Skill Level- INT

Learn to use 13mm effetre glass rod to make a compression flower using soft glass. Learn to control the speed and flow of glass in order to not squish the flower and stamen. There are tricks to doing this is soft glass compared to boro. So if you prefer  soft glass and have always wanted to make flowers this might be the glass for you.



Tools Needed: Graphite pad, poke, tweezers, mandrels that have been dipped with bead release, small metal knife, Didymium glasses.

dc-01 Soft Glass Cabinet Pulls with deb crowley

Skill level- Beg +


Learn how easy it is to make cabinet pulls and knobs for your special furniture or the perfect kitchen accent!  We make these out of soft glass but you can easily use borosilicate. We will make 2-3 different shapes and designs and you'll get 4 inserts and screws to finish them off!  

Tools Needed:  Graphite Paddle, tweezers, butter/ xacto knife, marble or lentil mold, didymiums. 


CJ-01 Soft Glass Halloween Beads with CJ Quitoriano


Description: Learn to make soft glass ghosts, pumpkins, candy corn, and two-piece swivel-head bats.

Tool Needed: Sharp shaping tool, tweezers, or pliers for pulling stringer and stretching ghosts, mashers, graphite paddle.

CJ-02  Soft Glass Seashell Lentils with CJ Quitoriano


Description: Learn to make soft glass, lentil shaped seashell beads.

Tool Needed: Lentil press or mold, sharp shaping tool, tweezers or pliers for pulling stringer

Borosilicate Classes

EJ-01  Emily Johnsen- Grinning Ghoulies

Skill Level: INT


In this class you will learn how to sculpt your own miniature monsters and grinning ghoulies! I will demonstrate the skills to make one-of-a-kind borosilicate monster pendants including eyes, horns, surface decorations, and winning grins. Get ready to create a tribe of unique creatures of your very own!


Tools: Non-serrated knife, tweezers, pick, reamer, bowl push, scissors, graphite paddle. Any brass stamps or texturing tools are also welcome.

DM-01 Drake Masuda-  Squids!

Skill Level: INT


In this class students will create 3D squid sculptures in borosilicate glass. Sculpting tools and techniques will be covered as well as the use of photos/source materials to study anatomy and posture.

Tools: Small, curve bladed knife and a leatherworking hole punch. A few sets will be available to play with and/or buy

DM-02 Drake Masuda-  Snowflakes

Skill Level: BEG


In this class students will learn to make borosilicate snowflake ornaments with an eye toward symmetry. Several styles will be demonstrated, from beginner to more advanced.


Tools:  None (I LOVE this Drake, no tools, just hands, heat and gravity!)

SF-01 Suellen Fowler-  Blown Ornaments!

Skill Level: INT

Learn to blow beautiful ornaments out of borosilicate tubing with Suellen, she makes it easy!



 Tools:  Graphite paddle, reamer, tweezers or grabbers

SF-02 Suellen Fowler-  Let's get foxy!

Skill Level: BEG-INT

Learn to sculpt a fox out of borosilicate glass with Suellen, she makes sculpting fun!

Tools:  Graphite paddle, knife, tweezers

EJ-02 Emily Johnsen- Dichroic Mermaid Pendants

Skill level: Intermediate

In this class you will learn to sculpt a borosilicate mermaid with a shimmering dichroic tail and a hidden pendant loop in her hair. Small mermaids can be worn as pendants and larger mermaid sculptures can be used as hanging ornaments or sun catchers.


Tools: Non-serrated knife, tweezers, pick, scissors, graphite paddle, mashers.

JB-01  Joshua Beach- Boro Planet marbles

Skill Level- Beg








Lets melt up some spacey looking spheres. We'll cover clear with unique striking colors to recreate miniature gas giants.


Tools: Marble mold Hot grabbers.

JB-02  Joshua Beach- Candy canes & Dichro icicles
Skill Level- Beg

We'll build up Christmas styled white and red cane to pull down and shape into candy canes. The canes, depending on size, can become ornaments, pendants, or earrings. I'll also talk about doing larger pulls to save time when making batches of cane. We'll move on to another holiday project by creating some simple but eye catching icicles. You'll be protecting small dichro slabs with clear before twisting them down to a tapered spiral.

Tools:  Paddle Masher Tweezers Hot grabbers

KM-01 Kristi MacDonald- Pumpkin Love  

Skill Level- Beg


We will make pumpkins and pocket hearts.  I will be providing a special pumpkin carving tool for every person (butter knife. )lol.  They could use whatever colors they want we will swirl and mix the colors. Then shape matching or not pumpkin and heart. 

Tools:  Paddle, Masher, Small Marble mold, Reamer, Tweezers and/or Hot grabbers

MS-02  Michael Simms-Dichro Clover Pendant

Skill level- beginner to intermediate







Students will prepare a ribbon cane from dichro and colored glass. Then shape Individual components and assemble into the shape.  Bridges will be used to stabilize during assembly.  


Tools Needed: Sheers, tweezers, and paddle   (I will supply pencil reamers.)


MS-01  Michael Simms- Simple Scalloped ornaments

Skill Level- Beginner and up








 Focusing on manipulating scalloped tubing for fast beautiful hanging ornaments. 


Tools Needed:  Paddle, tweezers. 


DMac-02 - David MacDonald- Eyeballs! Boro pendants w/ iris "milli" cane


Skill level- Some basic lampworking skills (30-40 hours minimum suggested.)








     Students will watch a demo of the process of building bulk iris cane from application of stringers. Then shown techniques used to apply iris and pupil and formation of eye marble and finally pendant.  They will be shown the process of adorning the eye pendant with lower and upper eye lid sculpting, as well as formation of a loop for a bail.   Then all students will have a chance to create their own iris cane to use during class, and also take home extra.  They will learn stringer pulls, and layering to create fine detail in the iris.  Finally creating their own glass eye marbles and pendants with my assistance through layering of the cane and colors.  Finally, they will have a chance to use their imagination creating the eyes in decorative color applications.


Please wear proper non-loose-fitting clothing, and comfortable closed-toed shoes.  

please bring your Didymium protective eyewear . (or better borosilicate rated eyewear)

Tools needed- your personal choice tools, boro glasses, small reamers, non-serrated and serrated larger tweezers, flat mashers, and flat graphite pads for marvering and shaping.  Marble sphere molds will be available in class, though if you have your own, it is suggested to bring.  

DMac-01- David MacDonald Fuming on clear tubing, "3D Implosion"marble 


Skill level: Intermediate to advanced please.

Students will learn proper flame setting and environment to burn and fume gold and silver.  They will be shown how to combine the metals in different orders and amounts to create multiple shades of translucent metallic colors onto hollow form tubing.  Then we will go over methods and techniques of trapping the fumes with clear rods and creating beautiful patterns on the end of the tubing.  Finally learning how to implode the fume patterns into solid formation by "imploding" the tubing inward and removing excess glass before shaping into marble sphere shapes.


What to Bring:  Please wear proper non loose fitting clothing, and comfortable closed toed shoes.  

Please bring your Didymium protective eyewear . (or better borosilicate rated eyewear)

Any prefered tools plus small reamer, non-serrated and serrated larger tweezers, flat mashers, and flat graphite pads for marvering and shaping.  Marble sphere molds will be available in class, though if you have your own, it is suggested to bring.  


MS-03 Tubing Prep, Pulling Points, Handling up with Michael Simms

Skill level:  Beginning +

Learn how to break tubing down from full lengths into points, how to make custom colored tubing and how to handle up colored tubing. 


Flameworking Demo Only Classes


DM-03 Drake Masuda- DEMO- 3D Stars!

Drake will make 3D framework stars from borosilicate and show tips and tricks to achieve correct geometries and symmetry.




DMac03-  David MacDonald-Shot glass Demo



Proper "traditional" shaping of a Blown Glass Shot Glass

I will be demonstrating and explaining how to blow, shape using gravity and proper tooling to shape a precise "traditional" shaped shot glass or "pint glass" shape.

CC-01  Christina Callahan-Soft Glass Rose cane Demo

Watch as Christina makes a soft glass rose murrine with effetre glass. She will pill the murrine and give out pieces after they have cooled.

SF-03-  Suellen Fowler-  Demo on an Easter Bunny sculpture

Suellen will demo an adorable easter bunny holding a small egg

JB-03 Jellyfish Sculpture DEMO

I shrunk the jellyfish I often make and want to share them with you. Lets fume up some glass to create these cute little 2” tall jellies. We'll make their shapely tentacles straight off color rods and apply them to their golden translucent bodies. Finally we'll decorate a watery glass swirl to mount our jellies to.


"Other" classes- Fusing, Metals, Enameling, etc

KB-01-  Kris Ball- Chainmaille and Lampwork beads

Skill Level:  BEG

Learn how to do chainmaille and how to incorporate your own lampwork beads! We'll start with basic weaves, Byzantine, and others. You'll be able to make at least one bracelet and earrings, and start another


Tools Kit fee is $10:  

Please bring lampwork beads to incorporate, and jewelry pliers, if you have them. All the chainmaille, findings, wire, and instructions will be provided.

JT-01 (02)-  Julia Tachihara  Turning wood marbles stands on a lathe

Skill Level:  BEG

Julia will be demonstrating how to turn wooden bead and marble stands on her lathe. She will provide all the woodworking tools and wood, also using some firewood scraps. There will be time for only 3 students to make their own.


We will be providing masks (or bring cloth one) to protect you from flying sawdust if you want to try turning a stand.

BF-01-  Brenda Flowers-  Tree of Life Pendant

The tree of life is an important symbol in many mythological, religious, and philosophical traditions.











We will wire wrap our own version using copper wire, beads and semi precious stone chips. 

All levels. All supplies provided.

CW-01  Chris Warrington- Etching and rolling Copper

Skill Level- All








In this class students will learn how to acid etch Copper and how to run copper through a rolling mill or a Potter USA Hydraulic Press using a Potter USA texture plates. Once the copper has the designs on them we will be forming them into rings or earrings using a Potter USA Quick forming Press. Copper finished like this can also be used in bead caps. (and that is another class)

Class Fee is 15.00
Tools/ Supplies: Safety Glasses (there will be glasses in class to use also)

CW-02  Chris Warrington- Silver Spoon Rings

Skill Level- All

In this class students will learn how to test your metal, cutting prep your spoons or flatware to be made into a ring. We will also use a Potter USA quick Forming machine in order to shape your ring into solid or a spiral ring. There will be one piece of flatware for you to choose from to use in class. If you choose to use a sterling silver piece of flatware, please bring your own.


Class Fee. None

Supplies, students can bring their own safety glasses, these will glasses available to use in class. All other supplied will be supplied by the instructor.

KP-01  Kathy Palenko- Copper Enameling -Pendant/earrings set

Skill Level- All

Copper enamel pendant and earring set. A variety of colors to choose from. Enamel copper and decorate with vitreco floral enamel wafers.

Kit is 20.00. Extra kits are available 

KP-02  Kathy Palenko- Copper Enameling

Skill Level- All

Kit is 15.00. Extra kits are available

DD-dc-01-02  Stained Glass Copper Foil Suncatchers with Didi and deb

Skill Level Beginning

Learn the basics of stained glass with this fun sun catcher class.  Several patterns and ideas to pick from, we will wrap components with lead or copper foil and solder them together into a colorful and whimsical sun catcher to hang up.

This is a full day class and is limited to 6 people, tools provided for use. 

BM-01 Mosaic Dichroic Pendants with Barbara McNeeley


Skill Level- Beg

Learn how to make 3-D dichroic pendants and finish them to art glass quality in this class with Babs. Learn the secrets of how to layer, fuse, shape and fire polish these gorgeous pendants, it's easier than it looks!

All students get a few bails to glue on their finished pendants. 







Here is the schedule for Glass Stock 2023

Thursday Aug 31st, 9-1pm

 Class/Instructor                                                                    Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   FULL

Fumed 3D Implosion Marble with David MacDonald         CLASS #DMac-01         1           Bravo                

Tubing Breakdown and Prep with Mike Simms                      CLASS #MS-03             2           Alpha  

Pumpkin Love with Kristi MacDonald                                        CLASS #KM-01               3           Alpha      

Soft Glass Flower Cane with Christina Callahan DEMO ONLY   CLASS #- CC-02     DEMO Area

Copper Etching and Rolling with Chris Warrington             CLASS #CW-01             4          Area 1           

Mosaic Dichroic Pendants with Barbara McNeeley              CLASS #BM-01             5          Area 2     

Thursday Aug 31st, 2-6pm

 Class/Instructor                                                                     Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   FULL

Eyeball Mille Marbles with David MacDonald                     CLASS #DMac-02          1           Bravo                

Boro Fox Sculpture with Suellen Fowler                              CLASS #SF-02               2           Alpha 

Soft Glass Flower Pendants with Christina Callahan            CLASS #CC-01             3           Alpha      

Silver Spoon Rings with Chris Warrington                               CLASS #CW-02             4          Area 1  

Tree Of Life Pendant with Brenda Flowers                               CLASS #BF-01             5          Area 2           



Friday, Sept 1st, 9-1pm

 Class/Instructor                                                                    Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   FULL

Squids!!! with Drake Masuda                                                          CLASS #DM-01              1           Bravo                

Boro Mermaids with Emily Johnsen                                       CLASS #EJ-02               2           Alpha 

Soft Glass Cabinet Pulls/Knobs with deb crowley                  CLASS #dc-01                3           Alpha      

Jellyfish sculpture with Joshua Beach   DEMO ONLY         CLASS #JB-03               DEMO Area

Copper Enameling-Earrings-Pendant w/ Kathy Palenko    CLASS #KP-01               4          Area 1 

Chainmaille with Kris Ball                                                      CLASS #KB-01               5          Area 1           



Friday, Sept 1st, 2-6pm                                             

  Class/Instructor                                                                   Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   FULL

Blown Boro Ornaments with Suellen Fowler                       CLASS #SF-02             1           Bravo                

Boro Snowflakes with Drake Masuda                                         CLASS #DM-02             2           Alpha 

Soft Glass Halloween Beads with CJ Quitoriano                    CLASS #CJ-01             3           Alpha      

Shotglasses with David MacDonald   DEMO ONLY           CLASS #SDMac-03       DEMO Area

Copper Enameling--Pendants w/ Kathy Palenko                       CLASS #KP-01               4          Area 1           

Saturday, Sept 2nd, 9-1pm

  Class/Instructor                                                                    Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   FULL

Boro Ghoulies with Emily Johnsen                                       CLASS #EJ-01              1           Bravo              

Boro St Patty’s Pendants with Mike Simms                               CLASS #MS-02             2           Alpha 

Boro Candy Canes and Icicles with Joshua Beach                  CLASS #JB-02              3           Alpha      

Boro Easter Bunny with Suellen Fowler  DEMO ONLY       CLASS #SF-03              DEMO Area

Lathed Wood marble stands with Julia Tachihara                 CLASS #JT-01               4          Area 1 

Stained Glass Sun Catchers with Didi & deb Part 1               CLASS #DD-01             5            Area 2


Saturday, Sept 2nd, 2-6pm                                             

 Class/Instructor                                                                    Class ID#                 Table #        Torch Type   FULL

Boro Scalloped Ornament with Mike Simms                         CLASS #MS-01             1           Bravo                

Boro Planet Marbles with Joshua Beach                                     CLASS #JB-01               2           Alpha 

Soft Glass Seashell Lentils with CJ Quitoriano                         CLASS #CJ-02               3           Alpha      

Boro Star Tree Topper with Drake Masuda    DEMO ONLY  CLASS #DM-03               DEMO Area

Lathed Wood marble stands with Julia Tachihara                 CLASS #JT-02               4          Area 1 

Stained Glass Sun Catchers with Didi & deb Part 2               CLASS #DD-01              5           Area 2


Evening Activities & Demonstrations

Thursday Night

Silent Auction-Open torch

Friday Night

Hat Contest- Open torch

Saturday Night

Open Torch until midnight!


9 am Demo Items Draw

10-12 pm Elimination Rounds Contest

For questions contact Deb Crowley directly through our Contact page.

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